Soul Groove

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Originally, I was on my way to check out another banh mi spot in the Tenderloin, but it was closed so I hopped over to the next best thing that was open in the area - Soul Groove.  After a decent run as a pop up in the Mission, its finally put some roots down in a small shop in the Tenderloin.

The chicken fried soul is one of the more basic fried chicken sandwiches here.  Small pieces of fried chicken are sandwiched between two slightly flopping pieces of waffle.  At $6.50, these sandwiches are quite small.  Even though the batter looked pretty dark, it was surprisingly not burnt.  The batter was crispy with a decent amount of flavor.  The chicken was decently cooked and the waffle had a hint of sweetness to it.

The to go option has both the bbq sauce and the cole slaw on the side so you have to build it when you get home.  Without it, the sandwich seems pretty plain.

Address:                 Soul Groove
                                422 Larkin St.
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       American

Popular chomps:     chicken fried soul

Chomp worthy:       nothing