Old Port Lobster Shack

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Old Port Lobster Shack

This is one of the places that is a great find in the most obsecure areas.  Lobster rolls in a strip mall in Redwood city.  The first time I went here it was probably the first year they had opened and there was less than ten things on the menu - its great that they have been able to stick around and you can see that with their extensive menu.

lobster roll main toasted Redwood City Old Port Lobster Shack bay area
New England Clam Chowder
Creamy, warm, and so delicious!  Everytime I visit this place,  I order this.

Steamed Mussels with White Wine and Garlic
Pretty standard dish of mussels with white wine.  The mussels were really fresh and there were no closed shellfish in this dish.

The Maine Lobster Roll with Hellmann's mayo, green onions

One of the two lobster sandwiches offered.  This one has a light mixture of mayo just to keep the chunks of lobster together.  Another great thing about this lobster sandwich is that they give u a good amount of lobster and there is very little filler so you actually TASTE the lobster. 

Verdict:                        The lobster is really fresh and I highly recommend it if you have a craving for lobster rolls. 

Address:                      Old Port Lobster Shack
                                            851 Veterans Boulevard
                                            Redwood City, CA 94063

Type:                             Seafood

Popular chomps:  both lobster rolls

Chomp worthy:      Both Lobster rolls
                                             Clam chowder
Pass:                                Steamed Mussels

Random facts:
  • There's another location in Portola Valley.

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