Anthony's Cookies

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Anthony's cookies

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Chocolate chip
I'm a cookie lover - chocolate chip is a must.  This cookie was actually significantly smaller than the other cookies I ordered.  Not too sweet and a 3 bite cookie.  The chocolate wasn't too gooey and held its shape well.  Also the size wasn't so big, you felt guilty after eating one.

Cookies and Cream cookie

Chewy with the perfect amount of oreo cookie crumbles mixed in. 

Cinnamon sugar
 To give some fairness to the non-chocolate lovers, I ordered this cinnamon sugar cookie (aka the snickerdoodle).  I'm not into cinnamon sugar cookies at all.  This cookie is by far the best of the three.  So chewy and soft.  Amazing.  Even after finishing this cookie I couldn't stop thinking about it. 

Verdict:            Cookie monster would approve. This place had some of the best cookies I've tasted in a long time.  All the cookies were amazing.  Even though eaten cold these cookies had the perfect chewiness.  The only thing that could have made these cookies more perfect would have been a glass of milk.

Address:          Anthony's cookie
                         1417 Valencia Street

                         San Francisco, CA 94110

Type:               dessert

Chomp worthy:  cinnamon sugar, cookies and cream

Pass:               nothing

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