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Marcona Almonds with lavendar salt
Marcona almonds are "fancy" almonds from Spain. This is probably the first place I ever heard and tasted  Marcona almonds.  At Ubuntu they tossed them in lavendar salt.  I don't usually like lavendar flavored items, but I thought I would try it - maybe this would convert me.  Nope, still not a fan, it tastes like bathroom soap to me.

Salad with fresh seasonal veggies

Ubuntu is a vegetarian restaurant so ordering a salad is a must.  The salad was a really delicate tasting, very fresh mix of vegetables.  Nothing stood out to me.  I wouldn't order it again and I used to be a vegetarian.

Cauliflower in a cast iron pot
One of my favorite dishes served.  The cauliflower was creamy with the perfect touch of saltiness.  It provided a comforting and satisfying feeling like eating a really good mac and cheese.  I scraped the pot!

Pasta Carbonara
I loved this dish - and I don't really like bacon!  The raw egg provided the creamy consistency to mix all the components of the pasta together.  Super rich and gooey, but in a delicious way.

Cheesecake in a mason jar

I'll admit I wasn't expecting much from this dessert.  Its just cheesecake after all -nothing fancy.  This cheesecake is probably the best cheesecake I've had in my life (I've had a lot).  It was so creamy and rich without being heavy.  I should have ordered one for just for myself..

Verdict:             One of the reasons I wanted to go to this restaurant was because to try their strawberry pizza.  According to the sign on the door when I walked in - they stopped serving pizza a week before I ate here.  Bring it back!  The portions are small, but everything tastes like its fresh picked from the garden (a lot of it is). 

Address:          Ubuntu Restaurant
                         1140 Main St.
                          Napa, CA 94559

Type:               American/Vegetarian

Chomp worthy:  Cheesecake in a jar
Pass:                Lavendar salted almonds

Random facts:
  • Awarded one Michelin star (2010)
  • There is a yoga studio upstairs that overlooks the restaurant - you can actually see people doing warrior pose while you are eating dinner - strange concept for me.

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