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Nabe serves up Japanese shabu shabu (hot pot) that hits the spot for the chilly winter nights.  Each nabe set comes with a flavored broth and its own meat and vegetable accompaniments. 

Besides the traditional konbu flavored shabu shabu, they took a similar take to Chinese hot pot with different flavored broths.  Left to right: sukiyaki and spicy miso. 
 The sukiyaki has all its vegetables already mixed in the broth as well as shirataki noodles.  This is the first I've had of shirataki noodles, which were surprisingly crunchy.  The broth was rich with a sweet aftertaste.  Hearty, but satisfying.
The spicy miso was mildly spicy with a soothing taste.  A plate of vegetables and sliced pork were given to add as desired. 

A plate of sliced pork was for the spicy miso, but I found to be delicious with the sukiyaki broth as well.

The vegetable plate for the spicy miso included enoki mushrooms, udon noodles, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and tofu.

The slices of beef for the sukiyaki was deliciously marbled.  It soaked up the sukiyaki broth perfectly.

Make sure you save room for the after dinner presentation of the final zosui.  After you finish picking at the leftover soups, the servers come by and ask you which broth you would like to turn into the rice type porridge.  Not sure if you could choose both, but I chose the sukiyaki because the broth was more flavorful.  An egg, some green onions, some seaweed, a bowl of rice, and some swishing around later and zoshui is created.  The rice soaks up all the flavors of the delicious leftover soup.

The ending to a satisfying meal.  Enough to warm your tummy before you head back out into the cold.

Address:                   Nabe
                                  1325 9th Ave.
                                  San Francisco, CA

Type:                         Japanese/hot pot

Popular chomps:      sukiyaki
                                  shabu shabu with traditional konbu
                                  shabu shabu with spicy miso

Chomp worthy:         sukiyaki
                                  shabu shabu with spicy miso   

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