Zuni Cafe

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Ive been to this place mutiple times but mama chomp wanted to try the roasted chicken she had read so much about..so as a good child I took her to Zuni for Mother's day so she could cross this food item off her "foodie" list.

shoestring potatoes

Perfectly crispy and provided us some nibbling action while we waited for our roasted chicken.  Came out shaped like a haystack - reminds me of these Pik-Nik snacks

Pizza with ricotta salata, tomato sauce, and oregano

Super thin very basic "magherita style" pizza using ricotta instead of mozzerella.  Nothing special here (although a lot of tables order this) - once again ordered just to pass the time while we waited for the main event.

Roasted chicken with Tuscan-style bread salad

Finally! 1 hour later (It says 1-hour on the menu and they meant it!).  It also says that this dish serves two people and it definitely serves more than that - but I suppose they refer to two people who only ordered this dish and waited the one hour and neglected to order anything else.  The chicken is moist, but I dont think its worth waiting for.  Personally I like the bread salad it comes with - large chunks of ripped up bread with lightly crispy edges soaked up in the olive oil dressing.

Verdict:                         A nice casual spot to meet up with family or friends with decent food.  Probably not the
                                             best place to go to without reservations or if you are hungry.

Address:                       Zuni Cafe
                                            1658 Market Street
                                             San Francisco, CA 94102

Type:                               American

Popular chomps:  roasted chicken

Chomp worthy:     the bread salad UNDERNEATH the roasted chicken
Pass:                                 pizza

Random facts:
  • the burger is a popular item - served only at brunch/lunch

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