Russ & Daughters - NY

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Russ & Daughters
This New York institution has been been operated by four generations of the Russ family.  It prides itself on high quality smoked fish, caviar, and other specialty foods.

Belly lox, cream cheese, bagel
Probably the most expensive bagel and cream cheese that Ive ever eaten ($10).  Definitely chow-worthy.  Each bite providing the perfect ratio of cream creese to lox to bagel.  Belly lox is actually salmon that is cured in salt so it can be too salty for some people.  The traditional smoked salmon that people are used to is called the Gaspe Nova.  After choosing a smoked fish, each layer of fish is hand sliced and gently folded layer upon layer onto the generous coating of cream cheese.  Shockingly salty, but soon cooled by the thick, creamy, rich cream cheese and the soft, spongy fresh tasting bagel.

Verdict:            A solid snacking spot when craving something simple.  The quality and care of each ingrediant shows at this store.  A huge, loyal following is apparent here as majority of the people who stop by for their "usual" order.

Address:           Russ & Daughters
                         179 E. Houston St.
                         New York, NY 10002

Type:               deli, food mart, Jewish

Chomp worthy:  lox and bagel, any smoked fish

Pass:               nothing on this visit
Random facts:
  • You can order items online and ship them within the US.
  • The Gaspe Nova here was featured on Food Network's Best Thing I ever ate

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