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Frances is one of SF's hottest restaurants right now.  I must have tried three times before successfully getting a reservation.  The restaurant is tiny - only a couple tables but there are a couple spot of "bar seating" for walk ins. 

Almonds with Rosemary
Not really my thing, but better tasting then the almonds with lavender that I've had at some other restaurants.

Applewood Smoked Bacon beignets - Maple Creme Fraiche & Chive
This is probably one of the more popular well known dishes on their menu.  The beignet is soft and fluffy with some sweetness and a hint of bacon. I didn't care too much for the dipping sauce.

Panisse Frites - Crispy Chickpea Fritters, Lemon & black olive aioli
This dish reminds me of a Spanish dish called papas bravas - similar presentation and taste.  The fritters are crispy and not oily at all with a soft texture in the middle.  The spicy dipping sauce Frances serves is delicious! - sort of like a spicy ranch sauce.  The beignets + this aioli dipping sauce = winner!

Chicken liver mousse with grilled bread and jam

One of the house specials that night and probably the largest order of mousse that I ever had.   Very creamy and smooth.  There was actually leftover mousse even though it was spread generously on each piece of bread.

Roasted Lamb
Well cooked lamb with fresh seasonal veggies.
Roasted Halibut with butter beans
Perfectly cooked halibut that flaked off in pieces.

'Lumberjack' Cake - Lady apple, Medjool Dates, Humphry Slocombe Maple-Walnut Ice Cream
7x7 The Big Eat 2011 - #92

Dense cake almost like a poundcake texture.  I can't see why it make the 7x7 Big Eat.  The ice cream was good though - hint of maple flavoring.

Verdict:             This place is yum.  Definitely worth the wait for reservations.  A great casual restaurant with                    consistently well executed dishes. 

Address:                        Frances
                                              3870 17th Street
                                              San Francisco, CA 94114

Type:                                American

Popular chomps:  beignets
                                             lumberjack cake
Chomp worthy:    Beignet + aioli sauce from the panisse frites
Pass:                               nothing bad here

Random facts:
  • On the list of 15 of the toughest reservations to score in Bay Area/Northern California Inside Scoop - SF Gate - and I agree. Book more than a month ahead of time to secure your spot.

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