Posada de la villa - Spain (Madrid)

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Nothing special here.  Acutally they were put on the table without ordering it so of course it's not free. You eat - you pay. 
Padron peppers
Lightly grilled, sprinkled with salt.  Some peppers are spicy hot and some are not.  I've had this dish many times in the States.  These peppers are a lot bigger than the ones Ive had before.  It had more of a limp, soggy texture versus a lightly grilled texture.  Also, the peppers were a little too generously sprinkled with salt.  Disappointing especially considering its popular Spanish dish.

Cordero asado (roasted lamb)
Cordero asado is a popular Spainish dish.  This place was supposed to be one of the better places that served it in Madrid.  Plated similarly to Botin's roasted pig.  The meat was tender, but the dish was too salty.  If the skin was supposed to be slightly crispy, it definitely wasn't.  Another disappointment, especially since its their house specialty.

Verdict:            Disappointing.

Address:           Posada de la Villa
                        Calle Cava Baja, 9 (La Latina)
                         Madrid, Spain

Type:               Spanish, baby lamb

Chomp worthy:  nothing

Pass:               everything

Random facts:

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