Casa Lucas - Spain (Madrid)

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Bread with housemade salumi

One of the few tapas dishes actually free.  Fatty, rich salumi on top of a freshly cut bread.

Croquettes - cheese with serrano ham

More croquette!  Probably one of the better croquettes of the whole trip.  Lightly fried, hot right out of the kitchen.  The cheese oozed out fritter with a nice smokey ham flavor.

Carinena- ratatoille with quail egg (right); Mancha - hot pork with grilled onions (left)
A generous portion of pork slapped on a top of bread was pretty heavy, but still yummy.  The ratatoille provided a sweet taste tot hte Carinena.  I wish the quail egg was more of a soft poched egg with a runny texture, but it was cooked through.  Both were good.  

Verdict:         A different style tapas place than the ones in the surrounding areas.  The crowd is older and the environment is more docile.  The menu is smaller, but the is consistently tasty and well prepared.  A good place to pop in for a couple plates before starting the night.

Address:          Casa Lucas 
                         Calle Cava Baja 30 (La Latina) 
                         Madrid, Spain

Type:               tapas

Chomp worthy:  nothing

Pass:               nothing

Random facts:

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