Pal's Takeaway inside La Movida

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After many years of wanting to check out Pal's Takeaway I finally made it out here.  Its only open for lunch on the weekdays so its not as accessible for those who don't work in the city. 
I really wanted to try their ever so popular Aunt Malai's deep fried Lao sausage sandwich, but it wasn't on the menu today.  Today's burger was the lamb burger.  The soft, squishy bun worked really well with this burger, staying firmly intact through every bite.  The meat, however, was a little dry and underseasoned. 

The deep fried cod sandwich was the better of the two sandwiches.  I was a little worried that the fish wouldn't taste good because it had a slightly fishy smell, but the fish was perfectly cooked.  The white fish had nice soft flakes and the batter was still crispy even though it was wrapped up in a sandwich.

The chocolate babka is sold by the slice and really chocolately. 

Address:                 Pal's Takeaway
                                3066 24th St.
                                San Francisco, CA 
Type:                       sandwiches

Popular chomps:     lao sausage sandwich

Chomp worthy:        fried cod sandwich       

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