Pan Grill Sandwich Shop

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For the most part pop ups and Asian fusion doesn't really get me excited like it used to, but Pan Grill has that old feeling come back again.  This very tiny pop up inside Butterfly on the Embarcadero is an awesome little treat amongst all a somewhat touristy area.  While it doesn't have any seating inside, there are plenty of places to sit by the water to enjoy their food.

One of the things that brought me here was their own housemade buns.  Not just any old bun, its like a baked chao siu bao bun so soft and fluffy with a just a hint of sweetness.  I did wish there was a little honey or sweet glaze on top like the baked chao siu bao buns I love so much.  The menu here is a headscratcher with so many things you want to try, you have to just pick a couple and then vow you'll be back to try the rest.

The yuzu lemonade was perfectly balanced and refreshing with just the right hint of citrus flavor.

While everything I had here was pretty tasty, the best by far were the yaki tots.  Essentially mini yaki onigiris shaped like slightly bigger than average tater tots, these super crunchy chunks of rice were one of those things that you eat and think genius.  Along with a spicy sauce drizzle, that seems to be made out of sriarcha, I would definitely come back again for just these.  Although I did order the additional tuna poke to be added onto this, its much better without it.

The yaki onigiri was just as crunchy as the yaki tots, maybe even more so.  Rather than the typical grilliing of the rice ball, it seems that they were actually deep fried so the outside crust is extra crisp.  Its a little hard to break off a piece, but once you do you can't stop eating away at them.

With all the choices of sandwiches, its hard to pick a couple to try.  The potato croquette was made with a sweet potato filing so it was pretty sweet.  Overall, this sandwich was a little too sweet tasting for me with the sweet bun and then the sweet potato curry.  Its was good, but it also needed some more crunchy texture since the sweet potato filling and the bread were so soft.

The hangar steak niku also had a sweetness from the glaze.  Its been a while since I had meat so tender and juicy.  In each bite, the meat practically melts in your mouth.  Out of the two, I think this one was my favorite. 

Address:                 Pan Grill Sandwich Shop
                                Pier 33
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       Japanese

Popular chomps:     yaki tot
                                 hangar steak niku sandwich
                                 kim chi pulled pork sandwich
                                 curry potato croquette sandwich

Chomp worthy:        yaki tot

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