Dandelion Chocolate

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There is always room in the city for another chocolate and dessert shop.  With Craftsman & Wolves (see post HERE) right next door, its hard to decide which sweet shop to indulge in.  Even though C&W is quite popular, walking inside Dandelion Chocolate, I wasn't prepared for the room to be filled to the brim with so many die hard chocolate fans. 
Looking around the shop, its hard to take in all the glorious chocolate items.  From chocolate books to clothing, to a chalkboard sprawled with classes and tours, its sort of like being inside TCHO (see post HERE).

Besides the drinking chocolates, chocolate bars, and chocolate dessert, they do have a dessert thats not overwhelmingly chocolatey for those that aren't chocolate obsessed.  The creme fraiche cheesecake has a nice tartness to it.    The blood orange gelee and candied kumquats gives this dessert texture and a nice freshness.

Papua New Guinea s'more - 7x7 2014 Big Eat
At first I tried to be dainty and proper and use a knife and fork to cut into this gorgeous s'more, but the stickiness of the marshmallow ends up getting everywhere.  Its much better to just pick it up with your hands and enjoy.  The toasted marshmallow gives a surprisingly caramelized taste.  Its like a sophisticated s'more.

Address:                Dandelion Chocolate
                               740 Valencia St.
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                      dessert

Popular chomps:    European drinking chocolate
                               frozen hot chocolate
                               PB&J tart

Chomp worthy:      s'more

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