Chocolate Lab

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The Chocolate Lab has made a nice home in the old Piccino space in Potrero Hill.  The cozy interior is the perfect spot to enjoy all things chocolate.

Besides chocolate items, they do serve scones, sticky buns, and quiche.

Of course, in a place called Chocolate Lab, you have to get their version of hot chocolate - drinking chocolate.  It's not as thick as TCHO's version (see post HERE), its just as chocolatey with a true chocolate flavor.  And the homemade vanilla bean marshmallows make this hot chocolate even more delicious.

I had to take a double look when I saw this chocolate risotto on the menu.  I had never seen a sweet risotto before.  I was actually thinking it would be more of a rice pudding than a risotto, turns out its somewhere in between.  The risotto is actually served warm.  Both the warm chocolate and the popping crispy balls were an experience in itself.  All in all a creative dish. 

The meat quiche seems to be another popular item here.  Along with the custardy filling and the buttery crust, this quiche makes for a delightful savory bite. 

Even though I came here for brunch, I feel like this is one of those places you must indulge in a dessert.  The brownie sundae was sinfully chocolatey with a thick gooey chocolate syrup to push the chocolateness to the nth level.

Address:                  Chocolate Lab
                                 801 22nd St.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                        American/cafe/brunch

Popular chomps:      goat cheese souffle
                                  brownie a la mode
                                  drinking chocolate

Chomp worthy:         drinking chocolate      

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