Curry Corner Takeaway

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Curry Corner Takeaway resides in a seemingly abandoned strip mall in Hayward, but just stepping into this small restaurant, you'll find that there is a steady stream of regular customers.  Chef Saras cooks up doesn't exactly have a set menu and cooks whatever she feels like daily.  Her food is Fijian Indian, which is more common than you think in this part of the Bay Area. 

Today's noshings was rice with lamb and chicken along with a side of vegetables.  The flavors are somewhat similar to Indian, but with a dash of islander spices.  For $8 for the combo, its a really good deal and can easily feed 2 people.  The food is a tad on the spicy side, but I prefer that.

A side of vegetables is given with every combination plate.  This also changes regularly.  From top left: curry potatoes, spinach, and tomato chutney.  While all the food is good, the tomato chutney is wow worthy and should be bottled up and sold in stores, its that good.

Address:                Curry Corner Takeaway
                              26657 Mission Blvd
                              Hayward, CA
Type:                      Indian

Popular chomps:     daily combination

Chomp worthy:       tomato chutney        

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