Grimaldi's Pizza (Midtown) - NY

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pizza with tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil
Grimaldis is one of my favorite pizza spots in New York.  I visit the Brooklyn location almost every time I'm in the area, so when I heard that a Midtown location opened up, I was excited at the possibility of not having to take a 20 minute train outside the city for a pie.  There was NO wait at this location versus a landmark line at the Brooklyn location.  That being said, the quality of this pie was lackluster.  The slice was limp and soggy.  The crust was tough and flavorless.  Sad.

Verdict:         I loved how there was no wait, but the quality was definitely not as good as the Brooklyn location.  I think I'd rather wait at the Brooklyn for a better pie.

Address:          Grimaldi's Pizza (Midtown)
                         656 Avenue of the Americas 
                         New York, NY 10010

Type:               pizza

Chomp worthy:  nothing

Pass:               nothing

Random facts:

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