Benu (December 2010)

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Peeking through the windows into the kitchen of Benu.  Corey Lee sighting?

15 course tasting menu

thousand-year-old-quail egg, cabbage, ginger

oyster, apple, horseradish

sea urchin tofu with marinated salmon roe

abalone grenobloise

eel (right), fueille de brick, creme fraiche caramelized anchovy, peanut, lily bulb (middle) , salt and pepper squid (left)

oxtail dumpling, sea cucumber, fermented pepper

monkfish liver torchon, cucumber, turnip, salted plum, brioche

Crispy cod milt, pickles, mustard

"shark's fin"soup, dungeness crab, Jinhua ham, black truffle custard

#92 on SF Foodie's 92 eats
Risotto with white truffle from alba

Pumpkin porridge, lobster, black truffle

Chicken Cecilia

Beef rib cap, abalone mushroom, pine needle honey, pear, mitsuba

White chocolate, olive, yuzu, cilantro

Persimmon pudding, burnt acorn ice cream, mace

Assortment of chocolates

Address:          Benu
                         22 Hawthorne St.
                         San Francisco, CA 94105

Type:               American- Asian fusion
                          fine dining

Chomp worthy:  tasting menu

Pass:               nothing

Random facts:

  • Chef and owner Corey Lee is a James Beard award winner
  • Benu is an Egyptian word for phoenix
  • Chef Corey Lee is a former French Laundry chef

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