Avatar's Punjabi Burritos

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 The predecessor of Curry Up Now located in the sleepy downtown of Mill Valley.

Indian and Mexican - the perfect combination
mango lassi
A must order whenever ordering Indian food on a nice day.  The coolness of the lassi always compliments the spiciness of Indian food.

 I ordered the pumpkin burrito having heard that it was the most popular item here.  The burrito is wrapped in either a thicker tortilla or a really thin naan - I can't figure it out.  Probably one of the worst wrapped burritos I've seen in my life (pet peeve of mine).  You can see even in the picture it can barely stand on its on and the filling is oozing out.  This burrito feature irked me while I was eating it since I had to constantly keep eating the part that was falling out to keep everything from spilling out.  The pumpkin provides a sweeter taste than what Im normally used to. Not very spicy either.  Definite downer here.

curried lamb
Decided on another burrito in hopes that at least there would be a 50% win here.  I also thought that the lamb would give the burrito more substance so it wouldn't be as mushy.  No such luck.  Same gripes as with the pumpkin burrito - a little bland, mushy, and hard to eat.  This burrito was probably a tiny bit better than the pumpkin burrito, but absolutely not worth driving across the bridge for.

Address:                                 Avatar's Punjabi Burritos
                                                      15 Madrona St.
                                                       Mill Valley, CA

Type:                              Indian, burritos              

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