Joe's Pizza (NY)

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Joe's pizza (West Village)
One of the hundreds of pizza places in New York City.  This place is one of my regular stops when I'm in the area and I'm looking for a quick slice. 

Slice of cheese pizza with mozzerella

A solid, foldable (if you're a New Yorker), thin crust pizza.  I like how there its not slathered with sauce and they offer a mozzerella option for the cheese pizza.  The pizza crust is sturdy so you can pick it up and eat it without it collapsing on you.   

Verdict:         Its not the best pizza ( but much better than all the "Ray's") in the city, but its consistent.  Any time of the day you will find people (both tourists and locals) lining up for a slice of this pizza - meaning the high turnover will get u a fresh slice of melting cheesy, pizza on a hot, crispy crust.

Address:          Joe's Pizza
                         7 Carmine St. 
                         New York, NY 10014

Type:               pizza

Chomp worthy:  cheese pizza with mozzerella

Pass:               nothing

Random facts:
  • featured in Spiderman the movie 
  • cash only

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