Taco's Sandwiches

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Taco's Sandwiches
I'll venture anywhere to hunt down good food.  This is an example.  Not exactly in the best area (6th Street), but only 20 steps from Market St so I'd say still relatively safe.  Also, it's right next door to famed chef Julia Child's loved Tu Lan.  Taco's sandwiches is owed by a guy named Taco who sells sandwiches and no, he doesn't sell tacos. 

Blackened fish po boy

inside the po'boy

Cajun dusted filet of fish, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and chipotle aioli served with tartar sauce on the side.  This sandwich is delicious.  The fish is fried perfectly - no greasy aftertaste here.   
pulled pork adobo

 The pulled pork adbo consists of "slowly braised" marinated pork shoulder, homemade coleslaw and grilled onions topped with chipotle aioli.  In a city of Korean tacos, and sushi burritos, of course there has to be a Filipino sandwich.  The meat is moist and tender giving it a contrast to the crispy, crunchy slaw.  I wish he sold the coleslaw separately.  It's hard for me to find a good coleslaw that I like this.  This one is perfect -slightly sweet, crunchy, and not swimming in mayo.   


Taco offers a combo with lumpia with each sandwich for a little extra, but I opted to order a side of 5 pieces.  Another perfectly fried item.
Fries came out hot and crispy.

I don't think I've liked sandwiches this much since Ike's.  The portions are large enough to share and the prices are cheap.  Unfortunately, Taco's sandwiches last day is Friday (9/30) due to lease issues.  Hopefully he'll be back soon so I can try the other sandwiches.

Address:                          Taco's Sandwiches
                                                 6 6th St.
                                                 San Francisco, CA                   
Type:                                   sandwiches, Filipino

Chomp worthy:        Blackened fish po'boy, anything fried
Random facts:         Last day of business until futher notice is this week!

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