Bakesale Betty

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 Bakesale Betty used to be this very small bakery in Oakland that sold pastries, pies, etc.  Then years ago, they decided to sell a fried chicken sandwich.  It became this huge must eat thing in the east bay.  Almost cult status since it was only offered a certain day of the week.  Fast forward to current day and this sandwich is now a regular item with an assembly line process.  Order is fast and efficent since majority of people in this huge line are here for the sandwich.  So don't fret about the length of the line when you walk by, you won't wait that long.

the chicken sandwich assembly line

fried chicken sandwich with lemon ice
Iron boards are set up to use as tables along this block and you can see them filled with people eating this sandwich. 

The infamous fried chicken sandwich with jalapeno slaw.  A negative to this quick production line sandwich is the room temperature, even sometimes cold, breaded chicken.  The best thing about this sandwich is the jalapeno slaw. The crispy and crunchy texture gives this dry chicken sandwich an upside.  Don't worry even though this slaw is speckled with jalapeno slices, its not spicy at all.  Next time I think I'll just get the strawberry shortcake and pass on the sandwich. 

Address:                               Bakesale Betty
                                                     5098 Telegraph Ave.
                                                     Oakland, CA

Type:                                        bakery

Chomp worthy:                strawberry shortcake

Pass:                                         fried chicken sandwich

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