Starbucks - (Red Velvet Whoopie Pie) - NY

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Peering into the Starbucks dessert case - the red velvet whoopie pies look like happy clams!

Stopping into Starbucks to get my usual grande drip black coffee, I saw a new addition to the starbucks sweet treats.  Red velvet whoompie pie was an interesting take on the red velvet craze that seemed to be sweeping the nation.  (Whoopie pie is a baked good that consists of a gob of cream filing sandwiched between two cookies or cakes).  I had already been a devotee of all things red velvet so of course it was a must try.   

Red Velvet whoopie pie
The "cake" part of this dessert was very spongy and soft.  Not much of the slightly chocolate flavor of a true red velvet cake.  Also, the cream was too sweet for my taste - didn't taste like the usual cream cheese filling.  I'm glad I satisfied my curiousity, but not a reorder for me. 

Verdict:                     Cute idea, but the taste was too artificial for my liking.

Address:                   Starbucks
                                         various locations
                                         New York, NY

Type:                          dessert

Chomp worthy:  nothing

Pass:                            red velvet whoopie pie

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