Morimoto - NYC (2006)

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Morimoto - NY - omakase tasting menu
Trudged through a snow blizzard for this meal!

Modern decor inside the restaurant
Infamous Tuna Tartare -(showcased on Iron Chef) with caviar, sour cream, wasabi, dashi-soy, sesame crackers, chive, black sesame paste

I loved this dish. The plating is so creative.  The best way to eat this dish was to scrape a small section of the tuna tartare and then dip into each condiment.  This dish was also mentioned on Food Network's Best Thing I ever ate.


Nigiri course


Roasted duck

Oyster with uni

Waygu beef

Whole roasted lobster spiced with garam masala and lemon creme fraiche
One of the most memorable preparations of lobsters I've ever had.  Originally I thought the lobster with the curry spices would be overpower, but they work well together.  You could still taste the sweetness of the meaty lobster with the light sprinkle of spices.  Lemon creme fraiche was served on the side - creative way to serve lemon with the lobster, but totally unnecessary.  It actually complicated the flavors of the dish.


Matcha tea with macaroon

Verdict:            I knew coming to this restaurant it wasn't going to be mind blowing, but after watching Chef Morimoto so much on tv I can't help but be curious about his food.  It was a lot better than I had braced myself for.  The food is fresh and well executed, but its not as inventive as his dishes on tv.

Address:          Morimoto
                         88th 10th Ave 
                         New York, NY 10024

Type:               Japanese
                          business casual

Chomp worthy:  tuna tartare

Pass:               nothing

Random facts:
  •  Chef Morimoto is often seen walking around  - I met him!

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