Arzak - Spain (San Sebastian)

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The most magical dining experience during my Spain trip.  Arzak was the sole reason why opted to visit San Sebastian.  Everything from the silverware to the after dinner treats were whimsical and innovative.  A dining sensation that kept me guessing through the whole meal.

artistic settings at Arzak

bread with olive oil

kabraroka pudding with kataifi
This was one of my favorite dishes of the meal.  The server described it as a pudding, but it was more like a thick soup. It had a slight sweet taste with a surprise of mushrooms on the bottom.  Not only was this dish delicious, but it was so fun to eat with the long pointed silverware.

Marinated anchovy and strawberry

An odd combination to me, but sardines are highly regarded in the Basque region.  The strawberries were fresh and slightly tart.  Not as strange tasting as I thought, but not one of my favorites either.
yellow crispy rice with mushroom
Two corn crackers, similar to a rice cake, housed a mushroom creme filling in the middle. 

Seafood creme wrapped in noodles and deep fried.

Ham and tomato smoke
Slightly smokey tomato topped with a toasted slice of jamon. 
Cromlech with onion, coffee, and tea

a peak inside
Lobster Coralline
The tiny bits of mango highlighted the sweetness of the lobster.
Tapioca salad with citrus

Dusted egg and mussel


Low tide monkfish with red seaweed
The monkfish was tender and very light tasting.  The red seaweed had a extremely gelatinous texture.

Pigeon with orange and corn

Lamb with Rosemary and tumeric

crispy rice balls with chocolate sauce
First glance at this dish you would think it looked like a meat ball, but actually its a crispy rice ball.

"playing marbles" with chocolate
This dish shows the playfulness of Arzak.  Each sphere popped inside your mouth expelling a chocolate filling.  The strawberry sauce and the basil sorbet provided a refreshing compliment to the chocolate.
chocolate sorbet

Apple ice cream

Pistachio and beetroot stone

Banana ice cream

orange flavored sorbet
Another playful dish - the smooth creamy orange taste was taken to another level by the pop rocks!

Each of these handmade jellies gave a different flavor - cola, mango, chocolate, etc.

Verdict:            One of the most innovative meals I've had in a while.  I love the playfulness Arzak puts on food, showing that food can be both beautiful, delicious, and fun. 

Address:           Arzak
                         Avenida Alcalde Jose Elosegui, 273
                         San Sebastian, Spain

Type:               modern Basque
                        business casual/casual
Chomp worthy:  tasting menu

Pass:               nothing

Random facts:

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