Taberna Txakoli (tapas) - Spain ( Madrid)

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Another fun, crowded, tapas spot in the La Latina district of Madrid.

assorted tapas

amstel light?! and fruit juice + beer
Mostly glasses of wine or Amstel Light on draft.  I choose a fruit juice + beer concoction that everyone else in the room was sipping on.  Fruity, fizzy taste- yum

Clam with white sauce (back), Hojadre con foie (front) - pastry wtih foie

A seafood salad mixture with clams and a breaded topping.  Rich tasting.  The pastry was light and flakey.  Inside was a sweet foie filling.   

Bomba rellende de carne picada - large deep fried ball of beef wrapped in mashed potatoes 

This dish is huge!  Meat + potatoes + deep fried.  Not the tastiest dish, but probably the one of the most interesting looking ones here. 

inside the bomba

Verdict:                    Fun, lively spot with a lot of different tapas to choose from.  Nothing outstanding, but a good variety
                                        of standard tapas.
Address:                  Taberna Txakoli
                                         Madrid, Spain

Type:                           tapas

Chomp worthy:   beer + fruit juice

Pass:                             bomba

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