Bar Astelena - Pinxtos, Spain (San Sebastian)

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One of the most notable differences between this tapas bar and others that I visited on my trip through Spain was that the tapas were displayed on the bar uncooked.  As you point to which item you want the server puts it on a plate and sends it to the kitchen for cooking and plating.  So each item is fresh and carefully plated and decorated with special sauces and pretty plates. 
Chorizo skewer

Pistacio croquette
Croquettes are a main staple on the menu in tapas bars.  A little tired of the regular jamon or chorizo croquettes, I chose this unique filling.  Pistachios are common ingrediants in Spainish cuisine, but this is the first and only pistacio croquette I came across in this trip.  Crispy texture from the crushed pistacio crust and a pistachio flavored potato filling.  Yum!

Inside the pistacio croquette

Fried wrapper stuffed with crab and jamon

Inside the fried wrapper

Grilled squid
 San Sebastian, located by the sea,  is well known for their seafood.  This grilled squid skewer was my favorite tapa dish here.  Perfectly cooked with a delicate crunch from the fresh squid.

Shrimp wrapped in noodles - deep fried

This noodle wrapped skewer looked so crazy I had to pick it.  The thin fried noodles made it a little diffcult to eat, but still delicious nonetheless.

 Probably one of my favorite pintxos bars in San Sebastian.  Everything here is so fresh and well cooked.  The display of the raw and uncooked tapas made it a little hard to figure out what would taste good, but always ended up in a nice surprise.  I wish I could have tried everything on the menu.

 Address:                  Bar Astelena 
                                         c/inigo 1
                                         San Sebastian

Type:                          pinxtos (tapas)

Chomp worthy:  squid

Pass:                           nothing 


mlle_alex said...

Do you have a handful of pinxtos bar stops to recommend? How does it work? Do we just walk from bar to bar and find a seat and order the day's pinxto?

chomping grounds said...

Hi mlle_alex, thank u for checking out my blog! If u are staying in san sebastian area I highly recommend visiting bar astelena. They display an assortment of pinxtos on the bar top as well as a menu u can order from. Just walk up to the bar and start pointing at what looks good to u. The bartender will put it on a plate and charge u for the items. Usually people stand at the bar area but u are welcome to sit if there are seats. Just make sure u order at the bar first. I recommend hoping from bar to bar and trying out a couple things at each place. Every place has a similar ordering system and they are very friendly and helpful to visitors. All the places are within a safe walking distance. Have fun and enjoy! Please let me know if u have any other questions!

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