Three Twins Ice Cream

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Surprisingly, you can find three twins ice cream in a lot of cafes, Marin County, and even Whole Foods, but in there is only one Three Twins in the city. 

On the top is a scoop of chocolate orange, which tastes exactly like those chocolate orange candies that you crack open.  You can't see it but the scoop under it is the lemon cookie, which has little bits of cookie mixed throughout into an exact replica (in ice cream form, of course) of a lemon cookie.

Address:                  Three Twins Ice Cream
                                 2257 Larkspur Circle
                                 Larkspur, CA
Type:                        ice cream

Popular chomps:      lemon cookie
                                 sea salt caramel

Chomp worthy:        orange chocolate
                                 lemon cookie       

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Eugen @ Munch Ado said...

Too early for ice cream, but why not? :)

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