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Honestly, I've walked by M.Y. China many times and never really thought I'd ever step foot in Martin Yan's most recent restaurant establishment.  Having grown up on Martin Yan on KQED, I've tried a couple of his restaurants and found them really unappetizing.  M.Y China is an attempt to bring a mostly Mandarin style menu to the mall crowds in a slightly more upscale environment.  Most of their dishes revolve around hand pulled noodles, which is rather exciting since its not commonly found in SF proper (more so in the South Bay area).   

Beef noodle soup is to Taiwanese people as won ton noodle soup is to Hong Kong people.  I've never been to crazy about this soup, but I can appreciate a good bowl, especially during the winter.  The best thing about this soup is the hand pulled noodles.  Since the noodles are hand pulled and cut, they come in various thicknesses and textures so each bite of noodles is something different.  Everything else about this soup was lackluster, from the too salty broth to the gristly slices of beef.

The wild boar scissor cut noodles are the known specialty in this restaurant.  Its appearance is on almost every table in the restaurant.  While I do have to applaud Martin Yan for bringing hand pulled noodles to the masses, this scissor cut noodles lacks any of the pan fried noodle bits found in these types of dishes.  If you've never had scissor cut noodles, the noodles are actually fun to eat and gives a different texture to the average Chinese noodle.  The flavoring reminds me a lot of beef chow fun. 

The Shandong beef rolls were one of the better dishes I had this meal.  Thin slices of beef are wrapped in a thin pancake crepe and topped with sweet hoisin sauce.  The flavor is pretty good, but the meat is too chewy and seems to be a lower grade of beef.

Inside the beef shandong rolls.
Address:                   MY China
                                  Westfield Shopping Centre
                                  845 Market St. 4th Floor
                                  San Francisco, CA 
Type:                         Chinese

Popular chomps:       wild boar dumplings
                                   wild boar scissor cut noodles
                                   truffle dumplings
                                   dan dan noodles
                                   beef hand pulled noodle soup

Chomp worthy:          nothing   

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