Nopa (2008)

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Its challenging getting a table at Nopa now with Open Table, but try getting a table in 2008 when they only seated based on first come first serve basis.  The only way in was squatting by the door at least 30 minutes before the restaurant opened - first hand experience here (multiple times).

A view from the communal table

The layout of the restaurant is spacious with a loft feeling.  The modern interior is a pleasant surprise from the outside of the building and surrounding neighborhood.

Little fried fish
Perfectly fried with no oily aftertaste.  Not a fan of the sauce - too mayoey for my taste.  Note: Nopa changed the sauce to a romesco (red sauce) on the current (2011) menu.

Salad with frisee and breadcrumbs. 
Fresh vegetables with a light dusting of crispy breadcrumbs.  Not bad, but nothing outstanding either.

Well balanced dish.  Being a white fish, the taste of halibut can easily be overshadowed by heavy sauces.  The fresh seasonal veggies and light sauce complimented the fish providing clean flavors.

Rotisserie herbed chicken
Generous portion - half a chicken!  Moist, tender chicken.  Really well cooked, but didn't wow me.  It takes a lot for a chicken to wow me.  Seemed like it was lacking some flavor, a little bland.

Country pork chop with grilled peaches
Usually I avoid ordering pork chops because it always comes out overcooked and dry.  This is probably the best cooked pork chop I ever had. A thick cut of pork that slices ever so easily when cut.  Tender.  Juicy.  Epic. The grilled peaches were sweet and complimented the pork without being overpowering.

Horn with creme fraiche ice cream and fresh berries
Fried piece of dough with a sprinkle of a cinnamon and sugar - like a flat churro.  Good, but nothing mind blowing.

Verdict:             Another great example of San Francisco style food - simple, homey cooking that never over powers the fresh ingredients of a dish.  The pork chop made me a believer in pork. 

Address:          NOPA
                         560 Divisadero St
                         San Francisco, CA 94117

Type:               American

Popular chomps:  flatbread, pork chops, burger

Chomp worthy:  Pork chop
Pass:                Nothing is a super miss.

Random facts:
  • plan ahead to eat here - get your reservations early!
  • the burger is a popular must eat
  • now open for weekend brunch
  • Ive seen Jacques Pepin here!

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