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Super old visit (2006!) but figure I would still post it...Ame in SF.  Japanese-French fusion.

Lisa's Special
Even though it was 2006..I STILL REMEMBER this dish - I believe it was called Lisa's Special.  AMAZING!!  A seafood salad with uni topped with some roe and cuttlefish that provided it some crunch.  Pouring the quail egg on top and mixing it to provided a "dressing" for this salad.  I just checked - they don't have it on the menu anymore...sad!! 

 Lobster chawan mushi custard Japanese broth
Chawan-Mushi" Japanese Savory Custard
with Lobster, Sea Urchin, Eel, Shiitake and Mitsuba Sauce

Another amazing dish which they still have on the menu -"- fyi I LOVE chawan mushi so this got gold stars in my book.

 Sake Alaskan black cod shrimp dumpling shiso broth
Broiled Sake Marinated Alaskan Black Cod and
Shrimp Dumplings in Shiso Broth.

 Ame San Francisco Japanese French fusion
Roasted lamb dish.

 uni Japanese ikura salmon roe dish
"Okinawa" style donuts with a "milkshake".

This was probably the most disappointing part of the meal especially when everything up to this point was delicious!    The doughnuts were so heavy and thick and not very tasty at all - sad way to end the meal. 

Verdict:                    I loved this place and raved about it for years after and recommended it to many people.
                                         I revisited it a couple years back and was extremely disappointed by everything -                                         maybe my tastes just grew up?

Address:                        Ame Restaurant
                                              689 Mission St
                                              San Francisco, CA 94105

Type:                                Japanese-French Fusion
                                              Business casual

Popular chomps:   Lisa's special
                                             chawan mushi

Chomp worthy:     Lisa's special
                                            chawan mushi

Pass:                               Okinawa donuts

Random facts:
  • its inside St Regis Hotel (I could not figure out where the heck it was on my first visit!)
  • they have a tasting menu
  • Chef Hiro Sone is also affiliated with Terra Restaurant in Napa
  • awarded one Michelin star (I actually went here before they received their first star in 2008- whoo hoo!)

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