Museo de jamon - Spain (Madrid)

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Inside Museo de Jamon

The cheaper of the selection of jamons.  Lighter flavor - more tender.  Not as sharp of a pork taste that you would experience in the States.

Jamon Iberico
The most expensive option of the jamon selections.  Cured ham made from black Iberian pigs.  These free range pigs eat only acorns during the last periods of its life.  The texture is chewier than any piece of meat I've tasted- almost similar to a thinly sliced jerky.  The taste is rich and flavorful with a sweet aftertaste.

Verdict:            A must visit in Madrid.  Ordering both options will give you a taste comparison.

Address:           Museo de Jamon
                         various locations
                         Madrid, Spain

Type:               Jamon

Chomp worthy:  try everything

Pass:               nothing

Random facts:
  • They have a 1 Euro items menu

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