Truly Mediterranean

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Truly Mediterranean

Schwarma! (Schwarma is a combination of one or multiple types of : chicken, beef, lamb, goat, turkey placed on a spit and slowly grilled) 

Lamb schwarma with thin marinated slices of lamb, and beef, broiled tomatoes, parsley, seasoned onions, with tahini sauce on lavash
7x7 Big Eat 2011 - #97

This place get raves about their hot sauce and their lamb schwarma.  A greek style preparation with a flat, thin (lavash) bread with layers of hot sauce, tzatziki (yogurt sauce), and freshly cut slices of lamb from the spit.  They ask you want spicy or not - spicy of course for me!  I was TRULY disappointed with this for so many reasons.  Most expensive schwarma I've ever had ($10), plus the hot sauce - not hot at all!  The lamb was juicy and well cooked, but it lacked in flavor.  I do NOT get the hype in this place.  Probably the only good thing about this place is that they grill the wrap so its give a nice crunchy, toasty dimension to the wrap.

Verdict:        Disappointing and not worth the hype, especially if you had schwarma before.

Address:          Truly Mediterranean
                         3109 16th St. 
                         San Francisco, CA 94103

Type:               Mediterranean, Greek

Chomp worthy:  nothing

Pass:               lamb schwarma
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