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<>I have childhood memories of the McRib.  I admit I don't remember it being that great.  However, I have met people who swear its the best thing ever and have made it one of their missions to find McRibs using the McRib locator.  Obviously its not a regular item on the McDonalds menu so when they brought it back for a six weeks starting in November 2010, I had to do a retaste.

McRib locator November 2010 McDonalds
Verdict:           The weird, tangy, too saucy, mushy meat that is oddly shaped like a pork rib brought back the exact same reaction I had as a child - what's the point - I'd rather eat their chicken nuggets.

Address:          McDonalds

Type:               American/Fast food

Chomp worthy:  nothing
Pass:                McRib

Random facts:
  • Not a McDonalds menu regular, the McRib can still be spotted randomly all over the country using McRib locator which logs McRib spottings
  • Starting June 21, 2011, Canada McDonalds will serve the McRib
  • the six week promotion of the McRib helped boost McDonalds sales by 4.8%

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