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Local, organic Mexican food with sustainable ingredients - only something like this would exist in San Francisco.  I purposely avoided this place for a long time because I prefer my Mexican food greasy, authentic, and not next to some high end grocery store.  A carnitas loving friend, who I trust with Mexican food ,swore on their carnitas plus it was a chance to knock off another item on the 7x7 100 items list so...

complimentary fried and seasoned garbanzo beans
Pretty addicting..salty, crunchy like a corn nut.

Carnitas - braised pork, orange, bay leaf, milk, cinnamon and beer.  Cabbage salad, pickled jalapeno and salsa de tomatillo
7x7 The Big Eat - #52
This was the dish that was supposed to be the big winner.  Unfortunately it wasn't.  The carnitas was dry and bland.  I've had better carnitas at some taquerias in the Mission.

Quesadilla Roja con Chicharron - Mulato chile-corn tortilla, crispy pork belly, salsa, jack cheese, queso fresco, onion and cilantro
#42 on SF Foodie's 92 list.  A different type of quesdilla than what you would find in an ordinary taqueria.  I love queso fresco AND chicharrons so I had to order this.  The tortilla was crispy and overall this dish wasn't that bad.  I preferred it over the carnitas.

Verdict:             Probably a good spot to go to if you are weary about going to eat Mexican in the Mission and you want a clean place to sit down.  It does offer a variety of traditional Mexican dishes and ingredients that you wouldn't normally see if you are the average taqueria eater.  Needless to say my "Mexican foodie"  friend has been demoted to just recommending burrito spots to me. 

Address:                         Nopalito
                                              306 Broaderick St.
                                              San Francisco, CA 94117

Type:                               Mexican

Popular chomps:  carnitas

Chomp worthy:       nothing exciting for me to want to come back
Pass:                                 nothing

Random facts:
  • This Mexican place is brought to you by the people who run Nopa.

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