El Botin Madrid - Spain (Madrid)

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Botin - the oldest recorded restaurant in the world (per Guinness Book of Records)

downstairs dining option

House made sangria

The famous roasted baby pig (cochinillo asado)
Botin is famous for one dish - cochinillo asada (roasted suckling baby pig).  The dish is cut and prepped for you tableside.  A small cut of meat ladled with a small scoop of its juices.  While the meat was being cut, I tried to listen for that crackling of the skin to asure myself that the baby pig was roasted - no crunch sound here.    Then they pour the juice/ gravy on top of the pig - this worried me because gravy makes things soggy.  First thing I did was tap the skin with my knife to see if the skin had that crisp texture.  Yup, solid, but what a disappointment.  The crisp of the skin in my mouth was so faint if it even had any - Im trying to give it some benefit of the doubt.  The meat was tender and juicy, but way too salty. 

Meat side of the baby pig

Verdict:         Nothing amazing here.  Somewhat overpriced for what you get.  I almost felt like they rip you off considering its a popular tourist spot.  Chinese roasted pork is still the winner in the roasted pork category for me. 

Address:         Botin 
                         17 Calle Cuchilleros (Sol)
                         Madrid, Spain

Type:               Spanish, roasted baby pig

Chomp worthy:  nothing

Pass:               baby pig

Random facts:
  • referenced in Hemmingway's "The Sun also Rises"

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