Rhea's Deli

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Rhea's Deli
 Located inside a liquor store in the Mission District of San Francisco.  (I love these food spots in the most random areas.)  A hipster chic sandwich shop that offers regular standard sandwiches as well as sandwiches with an Asian twist.

Korean steak sandwich - marinated rib-eye in soy sauce, garlic, honey, & spices.  Served on Acme organic roll, cheese, chili garlic sauce, pickled red onion, & jalapenos, grilled onions, fresh onions, lettuce, garlic aioli
This warm sandwich sounds like it has too many ingredients, but the amount of meat to other stuff ratio made it delicious.  Essentially its a bulgogi sandwich with a kim chee tasting sauce.  If there's a Korean burrito and a Korean taco - why not a sandwich?  Genius!

Verdict:                       Definite must eat!  Lots of other great sounding sandwiches named for SF streets that I'll be back to try. 

Address:                      Rhea's Deli & Market (sorry no website!)
                                             800 Valencia St
                                             San Francisco, CA 94110

Type:                              Sandwich shop

Popular chomps:  Korean steak sandwich

Chomp worthy:      Korean steak sandwich                         
Pass:                                 nothing bad here

Random facts:
  • There's a couple of stools located in this liquor store where you can chomp on your sandwich if you are dying to eat it right away.
  • Since its a deli in a liquor store you can grab a beer to eat with your sandwich order.

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