Quimet i Quimet - Spain ( Barcelona)

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Quimet i Quimet was a pretty good walk from the busier area of Barcelona, but well worth it.  Quimet i Quimet is the most quaint little eatery.  Walking into the street, you almost question if you might have mistakely taken the wrong turn somewhere.  Quimet i Quimet is so different from the extravagant and intricate foods I experienced in Barcelona.  There is a small Spanish menu in posted in the doorway.

mixed bread platter

A mixture of all different types of breads and croutons drizzled lightly with olive oil.

mixed cheese platter
The mixed cheese platter is prepared for a daily assortment of cheeses.  Water chestnuts and some jelly provide a delicious surprise of taste and textures to this plate.

mixed meats and pate platter
Verdict:                   Some of the best food I had in Barcelona.

Address:                  Quimet & Quimet
                                         c/ Poeta Cabanas 25
                                         Barcelona, Spain

Type:                           tapas

Chomp worthy:  mixed bread pate, mixed cheese plate, mixed meats plate

Pass:                            nothing

Random facts:
  • pop in around midday to avoid the crowd

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