El Brillante - Spain (Madrid)

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Bocadillos de Calamares - calamari sandwich
Best known for their calamari sandwich.  Its one of the a huge selection of sandwiches.  The calamari is fried to order and stuffed into crusty bread.  No mayo or dressing complicates this dish.  I was already prepared that it was essentially fried calamari slapped in some toasted bread, but supposedly even due to the lack of condiments it would not be dry.  The bread was stale tasting and the sandwich DID taste dry.  The calamari did not taste fresh, although I did like how it was lightly battered.  

Verdict:            Disappointing.  Sounds great, but in reality was not worth the search for it.

Address:           El Brillante Madrid
                        Plaza Emperador Carlos V, 8 
                         Madrid, Spain

Type:               Spanish, sandwiches

Chomp worthy:  nothing

Pass:               bocadillos de calamares

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