ChikaLicious (2005) - NY

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ChikaLicious dessert bar - New York
THE cutest little dessert spot in New York.  This no reservations spot serves a 3 course tasting menu that changes daily.  Chef Chika prepares and plates each dessert in front of you in this dessert bar.  Wine pairings are also offered as an optional accompaniment to this menu.

Pink grapefruit sorbet provided a tasty and refreshing palate cleanser.

Peach terrine on pecan shortbread with buttermilk ice cream and maple syrup
Chef Chika plated this with a warm cookie right out of the oven.  The terrine tasted sweet like a compote and had the gelatin consistency.

Warm chocolate tart with pink peppercorn ice cream and red wine sauce
Another warm out of the oven concoction. Tartness from the red wine sauce balances out the sweetness of the chocolate.  The pink peppercorn had a surprisingly mild flavor.

Lemon Verbena Panna Cotta with Cantelope Sorbet and Toasted Pistacio
The cantelope sorbet was fruity and refreshing with a mild tartness from the lemon.  The toasted pistacios provided the perfect crunch factor amongst all the creaminess from the sorbet and panna cotta.

Petit Fours - marshmallow with coconut shavings, shortbread, and chocolate truffle

Verdict:             This place is a must visit in New York.  Chef Chika and her staff lovingly plate each individual dish with so much care and precision.  Its a unique experience to watch a dessert plating while you are eating.  The flavors of the desserts were never heavy or overdone.

Address:          ChikaLicious
                         203 E. 10th St
                         New York, NY 10003

Type:               dessert

Chomp worthy:  tasting menu

Pass:               everything is great here!

Random facts:
  • the cheesecake is the most popular choice 

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