Wafels & Dinges (Waffle cart) - NY

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De throwdown wafel

The smell of this cart is divine!  This fate happened to cross my path in Astor Place.  You don't need to find this cart..the smell will find you!  Warm, sugary smell can only lead to trouble for me.  The epitome of how all waffles should taste like.  Crispy outside with a slightly carmelized crust,but steamy and fluffy inside.  The perfect sweetness and puff of whipped cream with a light slather of nutty, creamy, and addicting spekuloos spread (which I swear tastes like a nuttier nutella).   It kept its crunch till the last bite even under the weight of all the whip cream.

Verdict:            A winner.  I'll have to come back to sample the savory wafels.  Very satsifying sweet tooth treat.

Address:          Wafels & Dinges
                         various locations
                         New York, NY

Type:               dessert, food cart

Chomp worthy:  de throwdown wafel

Pass:               nothing
Random facts:
  • Offers both savory and sweet waffles
  • da throwdown waffle beat Bobby Flay in Food Network's showdown

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