Txirimiri (tapas) - Spain ( Madrid)

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Literally just landed and rushed to hotel to drop and headed out to Tximiri (La Latina) for dinner tapas.  Sunday nights are best in La Latina.  Everyone is out drinking with friends and having a bite to eat.  Tximiri was top of my Madrid tapas spots to try.  Apparently, if you go after 10p you can only eat what is already premade and displayed in the window - very limited.  So many appetizing things on the menu to order - made a note to be back before leaving Madrid. 

Shrimp with meatball on bread

Meatball on bread
Verdict:            First visit.  Disappointed that I couldn't order from the menu and had to choose what was left out.  Everything was good though, but I had my heart set on ordering specific items.

Address:           Txirimiri
                         Calle del Humilladero 6 (La Latina) 
                         Madrid, Spain

Type:               tapas

Chomp worthy:  no standouts on this visit

Pass:               nothing

Random facts:

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