CuCo's Mex Salvadorian Restaurant

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I heard about these plantain burritos this week and thought plantains plus burrito..how genius!  I must get one!  Its nestled in the lower Haight area of San Francisco (where there is NO parking).  I'm not sure how I never heard about it since I love Rosamunde across the street.  This small family owned restaurant serves both Mexican and Salvadorian dishes.

Steak Salvadoreno platter with tomatoes, onions, peppers

I figured since I was here I might as well try something other than the burrito.  There were a small number of dishes written on a board located by the door.  Majority of the items were Mexican items - enchiladas, tacos, etc.  I chose the Steak Salvadoreno.  Choice of beans (refried, black beans, pinto) and spicy or mild sauces.  I chose spicy sauce and refried beans.  This dish took some time since it was made to order.  The rice was so fluffy and flavorful, probably some of the best rice I've had in a while.  The steak itself had a lot of sauce.  It was a little tougher than I prefer, but it was flavorful.  Comes with a side of flour tortillas. 

Plantain burrito

At first bite the sweet/spicy/salty mixture was strange for me.  You don't expect to bite into a burrito and think its going to be sweet.  It feels like I'm eating a dessert burrito, almost as if I should be eating this after a carne asada burrito.  One of the few gripes I have about this burrito is that it isn't rolled tight enough.  Also, I'm not sure if the sauce in the burrito is the same as the spicy sauce on the side, but it wasn't spicy enough for me. Nevertheless, I love fried plantains and these were delicious - fried lightly on the outside and sweet and gooey in the middle.  Definitely an interesting take on the burritos that I'm used to eating.  Also, its a solid option for vegetarians.

Verdict:                      The plantain burrito is definitely the most popular item on the menu.  Everyone inside 
                                          was happily chomping away on a burrito of some sorts.  A definite must try if you love
                                          plantains and have never tried a plantain burrito.  The burritos are definitely one of the
                                          cheaper burritos I've seen in San Francisco.  Both items together cost about 16 
Address:                   Cuco's
                                         488 Haight St.
                                         San Francisco, CA
Type:                            Salvadorian/Mexican
Chomp worthy:   plantain burrito                                   

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