Sweet Breams

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In the midst of all the Japanese ramen and sushi places in downtown San Mateo,there's a Japanese sweet shop that serves mini taiyakis.

Even the packaging is cute!


These flavor filled fishes are made to order.  Traditionally taiyakis are stuffed with azuki (red bean), but Sweet Breams offers vanilla, chocolate, and nutella.  Check their website for the flavor of the week.  They do offer occasional savory flavors such as Chicken & Waffles and Jalapeno Popper.  The adorable and playful approach to this Japanese sweet snack is both delicious and fun to eat. 

Address:                                       Sweet Breams          
                                              220 2nd Ave.
                                                            San Mateo, CA

Type:                                               Japanese, dessert

Chomp worthy:                      corndog flavor (if available)


Random facts:

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