Frontera Fresco

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Frontera Fresco located on the basement level of SF Macy's

 Chicago celebrity chef Rick Bayless decided to grace his presence for us on the west coast with Frontera Grill.  Two reasons I hesitated on trying this food spot:  its mall food and prior to this opening, Rick Bayless has said that he is reluctant to open any restaurants outside the Chicago area because he wouldn't be able to control the quality.    

Agua Mango Lime
Not a huge fan of this drink.  The lime made it very tangy.

Queso Fundido
A grilled flatbread with layers of black beans, chipotle sauce, greens, Cotija cheese, Chichuachua cheese, chicken chorizo sausage, and roasted poblano peppers.  This dish reminds me of a fancy Taco Bell tostada.  Pretty bland.

Steak Torta
Chipotle-rubbed steak, Chihuahua cheese, cilantro chimichurri, poblano rajas, black beans, and avocado on grilled bread.  Using the word steak on the menu item instead of carne asada should have signaled warning signs to me.  The sandwich was bland considering all the tasty ingrediants that were listed on the menu.

Frontera Fresco is probably better than the average mall food, but considering all the hype around Mexican food master Rick Bayless, this place severely disappoints.  Nopalito is better.  Check out my review of Nopalito- HERE.

Address:                                  Frontera Fresco
                                                  170 O Farrell St.  (basement level of Macys)
                                                  San Francisco, CA

Type:                                        Mexican

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