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With their new funding, Blue Bottle is slowly taking over the world (at least California).  With its new location in Oakland, Blue Bottle has graced the East Bay not just with their coffee, but with some of their delicious liege waffle as well.  I've been hoping that with every new location, they would bring some of cooked brunch items I enjoy so much at their Mint Plaza location and finally, there is another location that serves this besides just that one.  True to Blue Bottle's design, the space is large, open, and airy.  One odd standout at this location is a large number of people with laptops, which is sort of rare to see at the other locations.

Besides the usual drip coffee, mochas, and New Orleans iced coffee, this location serves an oji style coffee, which is served black and with one ice cube.  Simple, strong, and smooth.  Another awesome thing about this location is they offer a flight of iced coffees so you can sample their New Orleans iced coffee, oja, and single origin in one shot, literally.
As always, Blue Bottle mochas are beautifully done.  Frothy, creamy with just the right amounts of mocha flavors.

I'm a little dismayed that they don't serve the toast or the Belgian waffle here, but they do serve up the liege waffle, which is A okay in my book.  Its pressed and made to order so you get the warm crispy edges with crunchy bits of sugar to enjoy with your coffee.

Address:                 Blue Bottle
                                4270 Broadway 
                                Oakland, CA
Type:                       coffee

Popular chomps:     liege waffle
                                New Orleans iced coffee
Chomp worthy:       liege waffle         

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