Euro Delight Bakery

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I'm always ready to check out a new bakery, especially an Asian one.  Once you walk into Euro Delight Bakery, you are greeted with the smell of freshly baked good and a wonderful smell of buttery, sugary goodness.

While Euro Delight Bakery is known for their cakes and other baked items, I headed straight for one thing - their green pandan waffles.  Always a good sign, their waffles are made fresh upon ordering. 

While their pandan waffles has scattered shreds of coconuts mixed with the waffle batter, it was a little limp and bland.  It also didn't have the nice crispy edges I've had in better pandan waffles, like at my standing favorite  -Nuoc Mia Vien Dong 2 (see post HERE)

Address:                    Euro Delight Bakery
                                   1816 Tully Rd.
                                   San Jose, CA
Type:                          Vietnamese/bakery

Popular chomps:        green waffle
Chomp worthy:           nothing   

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