Pasteis de Belem (Lisbon, Portugal)

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the outside of the cafe

this box holds six

tarts with packets of sugar and cinnamon

a tart with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and cinnamon

I was only in Lisbon for less than 2 days, but eating these custard tarts were on my to do list while I was there.  If you opt to stay in the Barrio/Chiado district, like I did, you will have to take a train to the Belem  district to snack on these.  You can either walk into the cafe and eat in or take them to go.  I chose to take a box of 6 and eat them outside (at the tables in the Starbucks next door).  The custard tarts were warm and soft with a crispy crust.  Similar in taste to a Chinese custard tart with a different tart shell.  Chinese tarts have a flakey pastry crust - this one had a crisp flakey crust.  These tarts are bagged up with packets of cinnamon and sugar to be sprinkled on before you bite into them.  Absolutely delicious and addicting.  The size is reasonably guilt free so you could eat a couple in one sitting.   

 Verdict:                    Definitely as good as they say.  Stop by when you are in Lisbon.
Address:                   Casa Pasteis De Belem Restaurant
                                Rue de belem 84
                                          Lisbon, Portugal

Type:                           cafe

Chomp worthy:  tarts


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