Manresa Bread Project

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One of the best things about going to a fancy restaurant is the bread service.  Since I've eaten at Manresa (see post HERE), I'm fully aware of their delicious bread.  Ever since I heard about their booth at both Campbell and Los Gatos farmer's markets, I thought that was the greatest idea since, well, sliced bread!  You have to check their twitter for the exact time and specific farmers market, but everyone must have been fully aware of their schedule because a line formed before they opened at 9a.    

The breads menu changes and I highly suggest coming here at least 15 minutes before they open (9a) so you have a chance to get something before they run and they do run out things very quickly.

One of the special breads of the day was bacon and onion focaccia.  Giant chunks of thick cut bacon are sprinkled all over the surface of the focaccia.  Even after biting into the fluffy focaccia, you can taste the bacon fat throughout each slice.  Its probably the best of the bread haul.
You can never go wrong with chocolate brioche.  Crunchy pieces of sugar top this fluffy mini cupcake shaped loaf of brioche.
Potato gouda foccacia.  Thin slices of potato are spread amongst what looks like a generous heaping of gouda cheese.  Since gouda is a strong cheese, its flavor really stands out, so if you aren't a fan of gouda, I'd probably stay away from this one.

 Brioche is loved for its buttery, fluffiness with just a hint of sweetness.  This loaf is the pure definition of that.

This one almost didn't make the cut, but a gal in line whispered "oh, that's a good one", so naturally it got added to the list.  The chocolate cherry sourdough sounds like an odd combination, but it doesn't have the tang of regular sourdough rolls.  The texture is very similar to sourdough with a dense, chewiness to it.  Had I not known they were cherries, I would have mistaken thought raisins due to random chewy bits mixed into the bread.  The bread is more of a dessert bread and I can see this enjoyed with a glass of cold milk.

Top to bottom: sheepsmilk cheese epi, herb epi.  I love epi breads so naturally I had to get both at Manresa Bread Project.  The epi breads here are much chewier and the crust is quite soft.  Both epi flavors come out quite strong in these breads.  I prefer Acme's epi for their crunchier crust.

Address:                  Manresa Bread Project
                                 Campbell Farmers Market
                                 Campbell, CA

Type:                        bakery

Popular chomps:      chocolate brioche
                                  chocolate cherry sourdough
Chomp worthy:         brioche
                                  chocolate cherry sourdough
                                  bacon onion foccacia  

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