Lisa's Tea Treasures

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Its tea time!  Lisa's Tea Treasures is a tea room in the South Bay (Campbell).  Like all other tea rooms, its very popular and its wise to call at least a week ahead for a reservations, however, I got super lucky and was able to get in same day.  Like all other tea rooms, Lisa's was decorated to the brim with all sorts of knick knacks.

Unlike most tea rooms I've been to, the lemon curd was already set on the table ready for consumption with their lovely tea biscuits.  Tart, tangy, and creamy, this lemon curd is more on the sweet side than the lemony side.

The tea biscuits are lovely set on the table for you to help yourself.  Its just hard to try not to eat all of them while waiting for the mini sandwiches.

One really unique thing I haven't seen at any other tea room before is they offer a monthly rotating menu with various seasonal goodies.  I passed though in favor of their standard choices.  Louis XIV's - from top left; clockwise: chicken croissant sandwiches, scone, and pecan tea sandwiches.  The cheese puff in the middle of the plate was the best thing on the plate.  All the sandwiches were much too sweet.

My lady's respite.  From top left; clockwise:  egg salad, cucumber mint, roast beef with tomato and cream cheese, scone, chicken tarragon, and pesto nut.  For tea time, my favorites are usually cucumber sandwiches and curry chicken, but they didn't have the latter or let you have an option.  All the sandwiches were pretty average with the pesto nut being the best of the bunch.  The mini quiche, although quite tasty, reminded very much of the mini frozen quiche from Costco. 

Desserts come with each of the tea sets.  The chocolate mousse was surprisingly light and a delicious way to end the meal.

The petit four, pecan tart, and yule log was one of the other dessert choices for the second tea set.  I usually find petit four too sweet for my taste, but this one was quite scrumptious. 

Address:                  Lisa's Tea Treasures
                                 1875 S. Bascom Ave
                                 Suite 165
                                 Campbell, CA
Type:                        tea room

Popular chomps:      lemon curd
                                 my lady respite

Chomp worthy:         lemon curd and biscuits       

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