Chocolateria San Gines - Spain (Madrid)

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Chocolateria San Gines

Chocolate con churros
 Made to order. Hot, crispy when brought to your table.  The cup of hot chocolate is thick - enough so that you can dip the churro with a nice shiny coating, but still easily drinkable.  The chocolate doesn't have a rich  chocolatey flavor.  Its very different than the super sweet chocolate bars you find in the States.

Verdict:                   Its not the best churros, but its definitely one of the more popular spots in Madrid and a must visit. 

Address:                  Chocolateria San Gines 
                                        Pasadizo de San Gines, 5 (Sol) 
                                         Madrid, Spain

Type:                           dessert, snack

Chomp worthy:  churros with chocolate

Random facts:
  • open 24 hr
  • popular late night spot after hitting the bars

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